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Overall, we help you determine what system is best for you. We do necessary assessments and based on your specific needs, we design the system, build it and integrate it so that all you have to do is enjoy its benefits.

Energy Consumption analysis

We assess your annual consumption with recommendation on a renewable energy solution to fit your needs.

Wind Assessments

In order for wind to work, you must have the wind resource at your site. We will conduct a wind study using software technology, wind resource maps, and most importantly an on-site assessment.

Site Assessments

Our engineers will evaluate the property terrain, layout, and vegetation, identify areas of turbulence and rate the overall quality of the wind to help determine optimal placement for a wind turbine.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

As registered brokers, we will sell your RECs generated from your system.

We do all your grant writing, permits, and broker your RECs/SRECs.

Earth and Air Technologies has obtained over ½ million dollars combined in grants for our customers.

"I could not be happier with the job done or the performance of my system. It has surpassed the projections."
- Brad Rill
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Let us help you maximize your savings

  • Electricity at or below current market prices
  • Protection against financial risks associated with the instability of traditional energy markets
  • Financial incentives including federal and state tax credits, rebates, and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)
  • Significant reductions in air pollution, helping to meet mandates for a cleaner environment

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