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Wind Energy Based in Westminster, Maryland

There is a more efficient, less costly way for you to power your farm, business, or residence. Harness the power of the wind with wind energy systems from our company in Westminster, Maryland.


Going green is a market that is catching on quickly and it speaks volumes to enter in as a leader.  Government has set aggressive goals to enable the renewable energy sector to grow at a fast speed, and in several years the installation of such a system may not be viewed as noteworthy as if it were to be installed today. We believe in being the leader, in showing others that this technology does indeed work. There is a type of independence connected to owning your own alternative energy.

Free yourself from foreign oil dependency with a clean Wind Energy solution. There is a connotation associated with independence from foreign oil that can be tied to the true American Farmer. Not to mention the nostalgia behind seeing a wind turbine on farm property.

Generate your own power, cut energy bill costs, and help to reduce your carbon footprint. 

"I could not be happier with the job done or the performance of my system. It has surpassed the projections."
- Brad Rill
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Let us help you maximize your savings

  • Electricity at or below current market prices
  • Protection against financial risks associated with the instability of traditional energy markets
  • Financial incentives including federal and state tax credits, rebates, and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)
  • Significant reductions in air pollution, helping to meet mandates for a cleaner environment

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