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Earth and Air Technologies was founded in 2009 by local Carroll County resident, Ken Donithan. Being an electrical engineer and owning a successful business for 15 years in the power industry, Ken decided to build an energy-efficient 2.4kw wind turbine system at his residence. His initial product's success prompted him to install solar panels.

Through Ken's expertise in the power industry, his education in electrical engineering, the belief in renewable energy, and his experience in building his own systems, Earth and Air Technologies was pioneered.


Our Chief Power Engineer has spoken about Wind and Solar production in the farming community at a number of different venues including the Maryland Rural Agricultural and Business Innovation Forum.

Earth and Air Technologies has been featured on CBS Baltimore News and in a number of different newspapers including the Carroll County Times, Carroll Magazine, The DelMarva Farmer, and the American Agriculturalist. See our In the News section to read the featured Articles and learn more about our projects.


We are at the forefront in the Alternative Energy industry. In November 2010, Earth and Air Technologies installed the largest farm-based, grid-tied, ground-mounted solar system in Maryland. We are also the first to install a solar electric automatic tracking system in Carroll County in October 2011.


We are not just installers, but we are power engineers which specialize in the Alternative Energy field, owning our officially stamped engineering design and integration of our very own solar electric tracking systems.


We are up-to-date on current regulations and grants and are constantly checking to see if/when adoptions or changes are made. Considering the economy and funding, regulations are oftentimes changing with little to no notice, and it is important that we as an expert in the field are able to communicate those changes to our customer.


We have an active presence in the Public Service Commission, attending pertinent meetings to help push solar projects forward and allow utilities to comply with regulations. Earth and Air Technologies has been able to speak at a number of different hearings on behalf of the solar industry.

The Farmers

We believe in this technology, and our farming clients are catching on. This technology not only works to save money, but it works to make money.

We have a personal affiliation with the "countryside," and so we want to see the rural community flourish. That is why our main focus is servicing the farming community. We believe farmers can reap the most benefits from owning a renewable energy system because of the incentives for commercial businesses.

Contact Earth and Air Technologies, LLC, in Westminster, Maryland, at 1.877.514.9547 for more details about our full-service alternative energy company.


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"Our ground-mounted solar system is performing better than estimated. We were very pleased with the service from Earth & Air Technologies, LLC. Ken worked with BGE for the net metering installation and filled out all of the required paper work for the permits, for the MD grant and for Renewable Energy Credits. Ken was very easy to work with, always promptly returning our phone calls and answering our questions. We would highly recommend Earth & Air Technologies and would use them again."
- Carl Rill
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  • Electricity at or below current market prices
  • Protection against financial risks associated with the instability of traditional energy markets
  • Financial incentives including federal and state tax credits, rebates, and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)
  • Significant reductions in air pollution, helping to meet mandates for a cleaner environment

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